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KAIZEN Martial Arts

Located at the former “Downtown Fitness” Studio at
125 N. Walnut Street, Reedsburg, WI

Kaizen Martial Arts and Self-Defense is currently accepting new enrollment for Kids, Teens, and Adults. Training is non-traditional, motivating, and focused on positive reinforcement for children. I separate classes by age and skill, and maintain a highly disciplined yet enthusiastic environment developing focus, respect, discipline, and character, along with expert training.

My training for adults is practical and informal, and does not require any ranking system. The method of training I provide utilizes a tactical system of combat, developing instinct, muscle memory, situational awareness, and the ability to adapt and improvise. There are no memorizing forms or useless fancy poses taught here either. Instead I focus on concept application based on causality and the situation at hand. At Kaizen, we train they way we fight, and fight the way we train. This system is far beyond traditional and mixed martial arts.

I maintain limited class sizes for quality attention, and affordable tuition. My rates NEVER increase, with no hidden fees, no tournaments, and no expensive “Black Belt Clubs”. Additionally, I offer discounts for “Law Enforcement”, “Fire Rescue”, “Military”, and “Educators”.


Nathan Grey

Owner/Trainer at Kaizen: Tactical Martial Arts

Hello, I’m Nathan Grey. My story is long, but I’ll do my best to keep it simple and get right to the point. I’m a Wisconsin native who’s passionate about life and experiencing it’s great many wonders. I’ve lived in Florida these last five years working as a filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer, and personal martial arts trainer. The last project I completed was as the “Director of Photography and Editor” for an Amazon Prime series called “In Sanity, Florida”, featuring the legendary Burt Reynolds. However, the call of the wild literally brought me home again. Since 2005, I’ve been an active volunteer and sponsor at Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue in Rock Springs, which has been one of the single most rewarding aspects of my life.

Aside from my work in film and with these big cats, my ultimate passion has always been in Martial Arts. I’ve been studying and training since I was 12, and began teaching when I was only 16. Throughout the course of several years, I trained in France and Tahiti, and experienced an entirely new method of training, one I have fully embraced and now provide to my students. The men who trained me elevated my understanding of martial arts and combat to levels I could have never comprehended on my own.

Martial Arts training is a part of who I am. It is how I define myself. Teaching others and sharing my knowledge and experience is my passion. I’m excited to be a part of the Reedsburg community and be near the big cats I’ve taken care of fo so long. I love this area, I’m here to stay and build a home on my land next to the rescue, and I’m committed to providing my unique method of training to those seeking expert quality martial arts instruction.




No Title No Rank

This is no “McDojo”… I provide passionate, expert instruction.

One of the first questions I’m often asked is “What style do you teach”? The best answer I can provide is “None of them…”. I realize this is difficult to understand, at least until you begin training with me.

The truth is; Rank, Style, and Title have no value or purpose in quality martial arts training, let alone ones own ability to defend themselves or others. At Kaizen, students will develop skills in striking, kicking, grappling, throwing, disarms, and even against multiple attackers, along with self-defense against weapons. I don’t have my students memorize forms, compete in tournaments, enroll in expensive “Black Belt Clubs”, and I don’t hide behind my own titles. Instead, I utilize a method of training focused on “Concept Application”, which develops instinctive skills and intuition. My curriculum is my own design and structured in a way where students experience the result of “knowing without knowing”. It’s very similar to understanding a language and how we learn it, speak it, read it, and communicate with it.

An attacker doesn’t care if you’ve achieved enlightenment, or have a Black Belt, or what style you’ve studied… they want your money, your body, or your life. It’s not the style that will keep a student safe, it’s the quality and degree of their training, and how hard they’ve applied themselves to it. Period.

While I utilize a ranking system for my youth students, which greatly assists them visually to challenge themselves, set goals, experience success, and see results… I do not use rank as a competition or race, or a method of judging one’s own capabilities.

My adults do not utilize a ranking system and training is informal. I don’t want adults calling me “Sir”, and answering to me like I’m their boss. Nor do I make them perform dangerous techniques not suited for their age or fitness level. Let’s keep our feet on the ground, not twirling through the air.


2 Week Trial
For Only $25

My goal is to be as transparent as possible. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Simply try classes for two weeks and decide for yourself if KAIZEN is the best studio for you or your family.

Some people enjoy tournaments, traditional martial arts, memorizing forms, breaking boards, and playing with Nunchucks or doing fancy poses. If that is what you enjoy… then you won’t enjoy my training. In my own opinion, these are all outdated and worthless traditions, focused more on taking your money than actually developing a true ability to fight.

However, there are others who seek only to develop their own unique level of skills, fitness, and ability to fight and defend themselves. True Martial Arts training is not about rank, style, title, or ego. No one cares who your trainer was, what style they taught you, or what degree black belt you are. The only thing which holds any value is simply… can you fight? Do you have the instinct, confidence, and natural skill to fight and defend against an attacker? That alone is the primary focus at Kaizen… your ability to fight and defend yourself.

It’s truest nature develops the strength to be gentle, to control anger, to remain confident, and to achieve your own personal goals, whatever they may be. My free class and 2 Week Trial allow anyone interested in training a no pressure opportunity to see if the method of training I provide matches your needs and interests.

I run my studio with this simple philosophy, “I work for my students, they are my boss.” If I fail to do my job, my reputation will suffer, and eventually I will lose them. My studio exists only because I have students to train. Without them, I have nothing, so I do all I can to earn their respect and trust, and maintain their business. I bring nothing but my highest level of passion and enthusiasm to each class, and I treat everyone there with respect. I am committed to training anyone to my fullest capabilities, and in my experience, I have even trained others to surpass my own physical abilities. My passion is to teach, and my commitment is to my students and their families. I’m looking forward to serving this community as a respected business owner and trainer.



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