Tactical Martial Arts

Tactical Martial Arts
and Self-Defense

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Kaizen: Tactical Martial Arts
125 N. Walnut Street
Reedsburg, WI 53959

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The health and wellness of my students and their families is a top priority. I continue to uphold high standards of cleanliness throughout the studio by sanitizing the bathrooms, locker rooms, lounge, and game room with lysol bleach and cleaning vinegar. Our studio flooring and training equipment is cleaned daily with a high temperature steam mop and cleaning solutions. Additional steps have been taken to ensure safety for everyone as they attend classes. Students are allowed to wear socks, gloves, and even “Ninja Masks” to cover mouth guards if they desire!

Additionally, I am filming “At home Training Videos” for our students based upon our current curriculum schedule. These videos are available through private links on my Vimeo page, and sent to our families via email. For those who are still able to attend classes, I will be hosting a modified schedule throughout the week, until it is time to return to a normal schedule. Stay safe and healthy, and above all… POSITIVE!


2 Week Trial Only $25

Your first session is always FREE! From there, my 2 Week Trial gives you a non-pressure opportunity to discover if Kaizen offers what you seek in expert martial arts instruction for yourself or your family.

Classes are separated by age and skill. I offer limited enrollment for quality personal attention.


No Hidden Fees. Rates NEVER Increase.
No Tournaments. No “Black Belt Clubs”.
No Memorizing Forms or Useless Fancy Poses.
Motivating Classes and Positive Environment.
Practical, Effective, Non-Traditional Training.
Kids Develop Focus, Confidence, and Respect.
Informal, Tactical CQC Training for Adults.
Striking, Grappling, and Tactical Combatives.
Training for Fighters and Law Enforcement.


Nathan Grey

I’m a Trainer With a Passion for Quality

Thank you for visiting my Kaizen website. I’ve been actively teaching since I was 16. I’ve studied a wide array of styles and formerly held many ranks and titles. My experiences taught me Rank, Style, and Title had nothing to do with the quality of martial arts training so many people receive. I will NEVER sacrifice the quality of my training, in exchange for massive amounts of students. I teach martial arts out of a passion to share my knowledge with others and give them the quality they desire and deserve.

My training in France and Tahiti over the course of several years exposed me to an entirely new concept in martial arts. For me, there was no going back to any other method of training other than what I provide now. Rather than memorizing forms, competing for trophies, or bragging about titles… I inspire my students to discover their own signature style, to develop instinctive skills, and understand concept application rather than memorization. I provide a dynamic and motivating environment, while focusing on personal one-on-one attention for every student I train. My passion is martial arts and teaching, and my commitment is to my students and their families.



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